YOU Matter - A Five Day Mini E-Course

How are you, lately?

Are you feeling slightly invisible?

Not sure of why you're here or where you're going?

Perhaps you've forgotten what it feels like to be appreciated, valued, and noticed?

This 5 day mini exploration is here to boost your self love, refresh your feeling of worthiness, give you strategies, fun activities, ideas and resources to help you feel stronger, steadier and more purposeful.

It's time to get your sparkle back.

You may only be one person, but YOU matter.

Now it's time to wake up every day, and go to bed every night, knowing it.

A Gratitude Log For You

Grow Your Attitude of Gratitude!

Cultivating gratitude is an easy way to grow joy in our day to day lives. It helps us live in the present and see the beauty in the world around us.

Simply noticing and recording your thankfulness regularly can change your outlook on life for the better.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.
— Cicero

Grab this free whimsical gratitude log and get your daily gratitude practice off to an easy start!

The Cozy Nook - A Library Of Free Resources

The Cozy Nook has lots of beautiful image quotes, some gorgeous wallpapers, mini anthologies, mindfulness tips, affirmations, calendars and more.

There are some lovely colouring pages to encourage you to spend some time with yourself relaxing, being in the moment, and chilling out.

The quotes featured are perfect for your vision board, inspiration board, or journal pages. The quotes you can see here are from a post I wrote called '9 Quotes To Help You Deal With Change.'

I hope you find inspiration amongst The Nook's resources.

At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders.
— Denise Linn